Empire of sand teaser trailer

I worked in this trailer as character modeller


 Based of a concept of creaturebox


Deborah Ann Woll Zbrush

Marv 4 hours sketch , based on Mike Henry concept

Walt likeness study

Gus Vray test

Red guardian W.I.P., for Comicon 2014

firts try sculpt with symetry off, 2 hours with dinamesh

2 hours sculpt from one of my base mesh model and quick test render in vray

Bat creature based on a Aris Kolokontes's sculpture, 4 hours sculpt from a sphere and rendered in keyshot with a little postpo in photoshop

Alien bust rendering test with Keyshot

New skin shader test

Girl speed sculpt

Morgan Render Test

Morgan wip 002

My character for Movie fest Challenge W.I.P.

Bust girl speed sculpt 3:15 hours, Speed sculpt session 2

Colt Tombgrave


Based on Based on original concept of Johannes Helgeson

Orc clay render

The beast

Guy portrait

Bust timelapse

Bust study

Jack portrait

Jack sss 2 vray test

Bale test

The Dark Kinght W.I.P.

New project, tribute to Batman from Nolan movies.

Alien Bust

Based on great work of Aris Kolokontes

Richard Miller

13.663 Body 5.182 Gun 2k Textures

Hulk real time

Little boy real time model


Samuel sculpt

Male anatomy study, hand painting texture with polypaint

Scarlet Witch real time model Finished

Tribute Jordu Scheel

Bust based on Jordu Schell Sculpture with Mudbox

Iron Man update

Scarlet Witch

2 hours old elf sketch

Alien sketch 2 hours sculpt

Speed sculpt 4 hours

Bust sculpt for tutorial

Speed sculpt 2 hours

Speed sculpting


New project, Robert Downey Jr/ Ironman